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Fitchin is a Web 3.0-based platform connecting esports teams, content creators, and their fans. It was created to build and connect global gamer communities. Our goal was to give them the resolution, management, strategy and know-how to position themselves as referents within the Spanish-speaking gaming community.

At Gloaming, we developed the strategy and implementation of communication, design and creativity, and PR for Latin America, and we’re the link with Key Opinion Leaders. Fitchin wants the audience to stop just being observers to become an active part of the community. In order to do this, we create encounter spaces where the community plays and connects with their favorite streamers.

Fitchin empowers users to become members of the best esports team communities and compete in tournaments. They also let them buy limited collections of digital files and take part in exclusive events and experiences, all this while getting attractive rewards for milestones achieved and active contributions.